Gold Coast Landscaping Services

We help your gardens look better – without making maintenance harder.

Beautiful landscapes enhance your property’s value and improve its appearance.

But the last thing you want is a layout that makes mowing, weeding, and overall maintenance more difficult.

At Edgeworx, our Gold Coast landscaping service gives you the best of both worlds.

Amazing landscapes.  Less maintenance than ever before.

We’ve operated for over 20 years on the Gold Coast, so we know a thing or two about designing and creating landscapes that work.

Our philosophy?

Use great design to make long-term maintenance easier.

Whether it’s a retaining wall to help level out your lawn, or a pebble-girt stepping stone path that makes weeding easier, we use our expertise, industry experience, and high-grade materials to create landscapes you’ll love.

kurrawa surf club edging

Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping services for commercial projects and large-scale developments.

Residential Landscaping

Landscaping for backyards, pools, and private homes.

Pool Landscaping

Enhance your pool with beautiful, functional surrounds.  From natural stone features to garden design, we do it all.

Talk to our Gold Coast landscapers to find out how we can bring your pool to life.

Back and Front Yard Landscaping

Transform your property with Gold Coast landscaping that complements your home.

Our experienced team will work with you to create a design that maximises how your property looks and feels. We know each project is unique, so we’ll work with you to develop a bespoke plan of action.

We do things like:

  • Lay quality Aussie turf
  • Design beautiful gardens
  • Establish those gardens with locally sourced plants
  • Build stone and gravel paths
  • Install complementary concrete edging
  • Rejuvenate old concrete surfaces with spray-paving

Frequently Asked Landscaping Questions

Landscaping is the process of changing gardens, lawns, and other outdoor parts of properties to improve functionality, enhance appearance, or make maintenance easier.

Landscaping costs vary hugely and depend on what you want done. Some companies will charge you per hour; others will charge you per project. Costs also depend on the type of materials used, the requested timeframes, and the experience of the landscapers.

When you ask for quotes for a project, look at what’s included in each company’s offer, and make a considered decision about which provider will deliver the best value-for-money.

Interested in a quote? Give us a call, and see how the Gold Coast’s most respected concrete edging company can improve your landscapes.

A French drain is a perforated pipe laid in a trench and covered with gravel, pebbles, or aggregate. The idea is that rainwater flows into the trench, seeps through the perforations into the pipe, and then flows away to an outlet point.

French drains can be a great way to direct water away from low-lying points around your property (especially around your house). Done right, they’re a stylish landscape feature that can enhance your property’s appearance while still serving a very necessary purpose.

Landscaping definitely adds value to your property – a University of Michigan study found that good landscaping increases home value by 5.5–11.4%.

Obviously, the benefits you get from landscaping depends on what you get done and who you get to do it. A skilled company implementing a good design that’s both practical and great-looking? Don’t be surprised if you see a nice boost to your property’s value.