Gold Coast Concrete Edging

Concrete Garden Edging Gold Coast

Concrete garden edging complements your garden and increases the value of your home. It makes keeping your garden free of lawn easy and quick.

Garden edges, whether flat or raised, are primarily used to contain garden beds, but they’re also an integral part of the garden landscape.

Garden edging makes your garden space come alive by framing your garden beautifully. On the Gold Coast, concrete kerbing is perfect for mower strips, and driveway, footpath and fence borders.

It doesn’t matter whether you need garden design, landscape edging, garden edging or lawn edging – the most important thing is that you end up with a professional edging result.

concrete garden edging gold coast

What are the benefits of concrete edging?

Concrete edging lasts forever. Timber rots, warps and attracts termites, while plastic edging is easily damaged and eventually becomes faded and brittle.

Concrete kerbing makes lawn and garden maintenance easy.

Concrete kerbing looks great and enhances your landscape.

There are many colours available (See Colour Chart).

Commercial Edging Gold Coast

Concrete edging isn’t just useful for homes and gardens.

In commercial carparks, solid concrete edging is necessary for protecting gardens and keeping cars where they belong.

Public spaces, like council gardens, also benefit from edging. It makes maintenance quicker and easier, and prevents mulch from being trekked onto footpaths.

Many of our clients also see a increase in garden health after we install edging – a concrete barrier, even one that’s only ankle-high, acts as a psychological deterrent for people stepping into gardens.

Concrete Driveway Edging

Concrete driveway edging is a great way to protect the integrity of your driveway.

Certain types of driveways, especially gravel, asphalt, or other loose-medium driveways, are easily damaged by rainwater and general use.

Heavy rain can completely wash out a driveway, stripping away its surface and making repairs necessary, so good concrete edging can help keep your gravel and asphalt where it belongs.

Concrete driveways can also benefit from edging. Even though they’re highly durable, too much rainwater seepage from higher ground can damage your concrete driveway or make it dangerous to drive on. We use edging to keep divert any excess water to nearby drains.

Before concrete edging is installed, the driveway is heavily washed out. After, the new concrete borders keep gravel on the driveway and water off it.

Our Block Sizes

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Frequently Asked Edging Questions

The cost of concrete edging depends on a few things:

  1. The contractor you’re using.
  2. The amount of edging you need.
  3. The type of finish you want.

Most Gold Coast concrete edging companies charge calculate costs on a square foot basis, which includes labour, concrete and finishes. They’ll then give you a quote for the whole project.

To figure out how much your project is likely to cost, ask a few different companies for quotes. You should be able to get an idea of an approximate price pretty quickly.

Interested in quote from us? You can talk directly to our owner, Gary, who’s been operating Edgeworx on the Gold Coast for 20+ years – give him a call now.

If your property needs direct access to your lawn from an edged driveway, we’ll open up an access point in the edging at an appropriate place. Here’s an access point we built for a yard on a rural property.

driveway access point in rural property